Pace Pilates Academy


Pace Pilates Academy is making a difference in Pilates teaching by introducing new methods and approaches for teaching Pilates at different levels and in different groups. All the methods are author methods defined and created through year of practice and learning.

Currently we have the following programs available:

Fitness Pilates Instructor Training Program

PacePilates Academy is making a difference in Pilates instructor education by offering extra skills and certifications for practicing Pilates teachers as well and those who just start their career in the field of fitness and health. The program includes range of exercises and sequences as well as their modifications and additions designed to make Fitness Pilates successful for clients of all ages and abilities. After the completion of the program you will be have the highest level of qualification available in the area of Fitness Pilates.


Pilates with Kids and Parents Instructor Training Program

At PacePilates Academy we know how good Pilates for adults is and we have found out that the earlier kids start with exercise the better it is for them. The educational program we have developed is aiming to upgrade Pilates instructors with additional skills to provide mat Pilates classes for parents with kids and become efficient in managing multi aged group for great Pilates benefits for the clients.


Essential Business Skills Course

We all know how difficult it is to start business and have no or little skills. Why not equip yourself with great entrepreneur skill set to set up your own Pilates studio? The course we have developed at PacePilates Academy aims to help Pilates/Yoga/Fitness Instructors and Personal trainers to start their own company for providing great services to their clients. Are you looking to do that? Go for our practical workshop and start your own company with the skills (not theory!) and learn from experience of other people to save time and money!