Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates Instructor Training Program

PacePilates Academy is making a difference in Pilates instructor education by offering extra skills and certifications for practicing Pilates teachers as well and those who just start their career in the field of fitness and health. The program includes range of exercises and sequences as well as their modifications and additions designed to make Fitness Pilates successful for clients of all ages and abilities. After the completion of the program you will be have the highest level of qualification available in the area of Fitness Pilates.

After program completion you will be able to:

  • Instruct group classes from beginner through to advanced levels
  • Work 1-2-1 with clients and prescribe personal training programmes specific to their needs
  • Modify and adapt movements for clients who suffer from pain and injury and enhance their ability to rehabilitate.
  • Establish GP referral and refer to other healthcare specialists

Requirements for Completion: to become a fully qualified Fitness Pilates Instructor student must complete the following:

  • Complete the educational workshop (manuals are provided)
  • Complete full number of supervised workshop hours
  • Course work, written and practical test
  • Write and conduct own Fitness Pilates class
  • 7 observation sessions
  • 5 fitness Pilates teaching sessions (course trainer must assess one of the sessions and provide feedback)

What is different about Fitness Pilates?

Fitness Pilates is the new way of structuring, leading and applying classic Pilates exercises for getting new benefits for students attending the class. The main difference between classic Pilates and Fitness Pilates is pace and intensity of the class program. The organization of such a class has the following benefits for both students and teacher:

  • different levels can be in the same group
  • choice of pace for the exercises is suitable for different age groups
  • great core training involved
  • stretching and relaxation
  • exercises intensity and volume can be adjusted for maximum results
  • number and variety of exercises (37 traditional exercises in Classical Pilates versus 200 Fitness Pilates exercises)
  • focusing on time for exercise execution rather than number of repetitions
  • amount and diversity of the exercises applied in the class structure.

Reasons for doing Fitness Pilates:

  • longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)
  • improvement if postural problems
  • increase in core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
  • help in preventing injury
  • enhancing functional fitness, ease of movement
  • balance strength & flexibility
  • heighten body awareness
  • no-impact, easy on the joints
  • customization that suits everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  • Improvement in performance in sports (golf, running, triathlon, skiing, skating etc.)
  • Improvement in balance, coordination & circulation
  • Weight loss
  • Body toning
  • Improved coordination
  • Improved mood
  • Gained greater confidence
  • Metabolism boost
  • Your body awareness
  • Full body workout at your pace

How long will it take? It’s a 2 days workshop.

How much does it cost? 399,- EUR per person, handouts included.


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