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We are offering GENERAL PILATES classes, PILATES FOR MEN and also PILATES for parents with kids, POP Pilates as well as FREE Open Air Pilates Classes in Summer in North Dublin area. We have specially developed classes for tennis and golf players and triathletes. All levels are welcomed!

Pace Pilates is a friendly and flexible company with a variety of the exercises and classes types suitable for all levels. The sequence and timing of the events in our lives effect the outcome just as much as the events themselves. So too with exercise! We are offering online and studio based classes to help with your time management.

PacePilates is a member of Pilates Instructors Association of Ireland.

Fitness Diary in the new self paced way to sculpt your mind, body and spirit in just 30 days!

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Everyone thinks that Pilates is just NOT for women but it is really for everyone. A lot of celebrities choose Pilates as it a great way to get fit and also help to improve your mental well-being and energy level. Pilates can engage men and women of all ages as well as kids who want to improve their physical fitness, appearance and posture, as well as to gain good health. Goals of Pilates include interconnection between mind and body, training the body to be flexible, strong, move freely and efficiently. Pilates method works with all parts of the body, leading them to a balance. Moreover, it is working with awareness of your internal state. Therefore, after training you feel calm and peaceful. And yes, one of the benefits is a flat stomach too! Joseph Pilates worked in his studio, individually with each student. Our body and mind are connected.Pilates method takes into account this fact and works with the body and mind at the same time. Therefore, Pilates goes far beyond the normal fitness training, adding more awareness in everyday life.

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