Do You Believe in Myths About Pilates?

Myths about Pilates
Do you believe in myths about Pilates? How good you know what is it all about?

Let’s us review the myths that pop up here and there connected to Pilates. Share your thoughts as always along the way. You are very welcome!

Pilates is a derivative of Yoga

Some people say that 🙂 And these people probably never tried Pilates. Pilates and yoga are not the same though Joseph Pilates did borrow Yoga elements. Pilates and yoga are two completely different systems. Joseph Pilates studied many methods of working with the body / mind. Systems are different, but not conflicting. If you strengthen your core while training Pilates, yoga for you to become more accessible and safe.

Pilates is a lazy way of fitness

I can confirm it’s a slow way of exercising if you are going for classic Pilates classes. Exercises baseline actually performed at a slow pace, with a small amplitude and breathing – and only when you are watching from the side it may seem easy. It is much easier to squat with dumbbells than to have time to comply with all principles of Pilates during exercises! And remember about levels in Pilates: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

You can learn Pilates with a book or DVD

Pilates is a complicated method that requires many hours of instructor education and practice. Full Pilates education and requires more extensive study of anatomy, types of posture and all the exercises on the equipment and on the mat.

Pilates is good for stretching

And not even for stretching! It works on your core, tones your muscles and increases overall flexibility. You’ll be disappointed if you come to Pilates to stretch only as the whole program aims so much more!

Pilates aims to work for flat stomach

Goals of Pilates include interconnection between mind and body, training the body to be flexible, strong, move freely and efficiently. Pilates method works with all parts of the body, leading them to a balance. Moreover, it is working with awareness of your internal state. Therefore, after training you feel calm and peaceful. And yes, one of the benefits is a flat stomach too!

You can’t lose weight with Pilates

And I will tell you even more! You can’t lose weight with any sports activity unless you will start burning more calories than you consume! And even if you do not change your eating patterns, but attend Pilates classes, visually you will look slimmer, more graceful, your body will be more fit and harmonious.

Pilates is just another way of fitness

Joseph Pilates worked in his studio, individually with each student. Our body and mind are connected.Pilates method takes into account this fact and works with the body and mind at the same time. Therefore, Pilates goes far beyond the normal fitness training, adding more awareness in everyday life.

Pilates is for women only

Come on, guys! Have you ever tried it? And if not and this is what you are saying I can compare with a situation when someone is describing a taste of apple when one never tried it. First give it a try and then deside if it’s challenging enough for you. By the way, Joseph Pilates was a guy!

Do You Believe in Myths About Pilates?